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FIA in march

FIA was established on October 8th 2006. In the begininng it was a group consisting of people intrested in wide spectrum of battlefield simulators (CFOG & CMHQ).  With progress and time we have come to understanding that we need to expand our passion to a new level. Equipped with AEG (automatic electric gun) replicas we started to train tactics and indvidual behaviour in reality. After a moment came a need to practice survival skills and choose the best equipement (cost effective) for guerrilla type of warfere.

When our group grew larger we started to specialise inside our squad (marksman, navigator, medic, forward observer and so on…) as well as train in coordinating a larger number of squads in the field.  We have created a communication system for combat units operating in dispersed formation and we have created a direction to develop best practice to avoid friendly fire. This is being developed for situations  when a number of units without a specific uniformisation fight on the same side of a conflict.

On recon

Currently we get together for trainings once or twice a month. A couple of times during the year we take part in (or organise) MilSims (Military Simulations), which are a test for our trained abilities as well as our equipement. MilSims are realtime field manouvers with often more than a 200 prticipants and often lasting over 48hrs and stressing on military realism of modern battlefield. MilSims  require that each participant is very well prepared and trained. Rules of engagement are usually very strict and getting shot most often eliminates the soldier from the battlefield. This kind of simultaion lets us train in highten alertness mood and stressfull environment which helps us to learn from the mistakes so we could avoid them if ever, during real military operations. 

FIA is a place for people who want to work on their abilities, progress and be ready to face the lifes many demanding situations.

Please feel free to contact us for further information, knowledge exchange or cooperation. Or come and meet us in person by joinig our trainig.

FIA Agapow, FIA Czubaka


Few facts about FIA Guerrillas:

-The name FIA (Free Island Army) comes from „Resistance“ a sequal to the legendary „Operation Flashpoint“ batllefield simulator. In „Resistance“ FIA are civilians and ex military heros who have stood up agains an occupant in the wake of allied invasion. Although FIA was fighting for its island’s freedom we don’t live on an island. In fact Poland doesn’t have too many islands. Two in fact, and not of much strategical importance.

-FIA uses flectarn cammo as their main uniform pattern. This is German Bundheswehr uniforms but FIA is not a reconstructional group that tries to recreate an existing or past German Army unit. FIA chose flectarn as most suitable for Polish environment.

-FIA uses „Warsaw Pact“ weapons. This is due to FIAs doctrine: quality that is cost effective and easy to get. AKs were the primary rifles used by Polish Army during the Soviet occupation and even now most grunt units are still using AKs or it’s Polish  version: Beryl.

 -In FIA you will find a full range of AK family from short and handy AKSU through the squads best frind the RPK to the snipers choice the deadly Dragunov. For the sidearm FIAs choice is the reliable Sig Sauer P226 (the only non eastern block weapon in our weaponary).

-To provide a  FIA guerrilla with the basic sort of uniform and equipement a little over 50EUR needs to be spend. The stadard AEG replicas that FIA uses are about 75EUR.

-„Paradox“ is a codename for a weekly FIA non formal pub meeting. The name comes from a Warsaw pub that these meetings have first started.

-„WK“ is also an important FIA codename. Unfortunately it’s so secret you will have to buy us a beer to learn the meaning of it.

FIA Czubaka